Holly Lutz Kline

Professor, Business Department, Reading Area Community College


My name is Holly (Lutz) Kline. I have been the Student Records Manager at RACC for the past 31 years.

I was born and raised in Reading, and graduated from Reading High School and Reading-Muhlenberg Area Vocational School. In 2000, I graduated from RACC. I have gotten much enjoyment RV camping for the past 52 years. My husband and I have already purchased our retirement 5th wheel several years ago. We also have a cabin at the old boy scout camp, Shikellamy, where I spend a great deal of relaxation time and playing a domino game called Mexican Train with family and friends. I am currently addicted to reading thriller novels by Clive Cussler, who was an American adventure novelist and underwater explorer.

I'm RACC proud. I graduated and dedicated myself to help others do the same.

What brought you to RACC?

I had recently graduated from Reading High School and Reading-Muhlenberg Area Vocational Technical School and was looking for a full-time job. I applied for the RACC switchboard operator position and began working the following week after graduating from high school. That was June 9, 1977 - 44 years ago! I am the longest still standing (sort of) employee at RACC. I'm very proud of this accomplishment.

How did your experience at RACC shape your career path?

Through the years working at RACC, my positions changed and afforded me new opportunities to develop new skills. From switchboard operator to secretary to grant support to information technology… and landing ultimately into my current position as Records Manager. I've worked with many different bosses and coworkers. This big picture of the RACC community has allowed me to be a partner in helping wherever I can to make RACC systems work more effectively. Problem solving is something that I believe makes all of us better at our jobs and makes RACC a thriving well-oiled community.

What advice/insight would you give to current RACC students?

If you are just out of high school, stick with it while the information is fresh in your mind! Be willing to take risks and try new courses to see if they can open up new pathways for you. Be courageous and ask for help when needed. Asking for help can connect you in new ways with people who can provide you with support for years to come. Take out loans only if it is essential. RACC is your community college and you can save thousands of dollars by getting your associate's degree here rather than at some higher priced options. You'll be much happier when you graduate with lower debt!

2021 marks RACC's 50th Anniversary. What message would you like to pass on to President Looney and the RACC Community on this historic occasion?

Some things get better with age. So, here's to the next 50 years! Congratulations on the first 50! Best wishes for the next 50!