Jamica Andrews

Student Life Coordinator, Reading Area Community College

What brought you to RACC?

After working in what felt like dead-end jobs with no ability to advance without a college degree, I decided to come to RACC to get an education that would allow me to find a career that I enjoyed and that allowed me to give back.

How did your experience at RACC shape your career path?

When I started at RACC, I was originally a business major. I was given the most wonderful advisor and was a part of the KEYS program where I was given a great deal of support and encouragement. The love and support I received ultimately had an impact on me changing my major to Social Work and wanting to be able to make a difference in the lives of students. Fifteen years later I am still here and so happy to be the Student Life Coordinator at RACC.

What advice/insight would you give to current RACC students?

I would like all students to know never give up on their dreams. It will be hard and there will be times when it feels like you can’t do it, but trust in yourself and use all the resources and wonderful staff and faculty to help you get it done. You can start at RACC and go anywhere in your life and career.

2021 marks RACC's 50th Anniversary. What message would you like to pass on to President Looney and the RACC Community on this historic occasion?

Congratulations on the 50th Anniversary and for continuing to make RACC the place that helps changes lives and the surrounding community.